Cambria vs. Silestone: the final verdict.


So I have decided who is king of the Cambria vs. Silestone battle in my brain. The winner is Cambria. I installed a cambria kitchen today for the first time in a while and I paid a little more attention to the quality of this non porous, anti-bacterial material. I noticed that Cambria has a more consistent color pattern throughout, as well as a more shiny surface than silestone. Don’t get me wrong, silestone is a great surface for your kitchen, I have just decided that in my opinion Cambria has more of the features that I love in engineered stone.
  When you compare a Cambria slab to a silestone slab you can see an obvious difference in the quality of the finish. Cambria slabs tend to have a lustrous shine throughout, as where some silestone slabs have dull spots, as well as a more inconsistent color pattern. Of course my view of these materials is swayed seeing as I am a stone fabricator and installer, but now that I point these suttle differences out, it may be easier for people to choose between the two. As always, there will be colors that people love in silestone that Cambria does not offer and vice versa, and could more often then not be the deciding factor when choosing between the two. 
   The picture attached shows a sample of the newest Cambria line, called the Canbrian collection,  which is almost indistinguishable with granite.    This color is called Canturbury. This new line could revolutionize the engineered stone market. Now people can have the look of granite and the protection of natural stone.  For more information on Cambria, visit


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